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April 21, 2015

Bali’s Nightlife

Have you heard about Bali’s nightlife? As the sun goes down, the island only gets livelier!  With a plethora of glittering bars, clubs, and lounges, the party scene is alive with a selection of different types of music.

Visit the heart of Bali’s tourism area, Kuta, to experience some of the wildest parties on the island. The famous Jalan Legian is home to several nightlife venues all lined up side by side. One of the most popular nightclubs in the area  is Sky Garden, housing multiple dance floors with different music genres.

Only minutes away from Kuta, you can party in the more upscale area of Bali, Seminyak.  Due to the density of luxurious resorts and villas in the neighborhood, crowds are mostly filled with upper-class ex-pats and Jakartans. Seminyak is also home to Motel Mexicola and a number of chic bars and clubs such as Da Maria and Mirror.

Every night of the week, visitors and residents hit Bali’s many pubs, clubs, and beach club bars. Low-key spots with affordable drinks, let you unwind and make new friends, while upscale bars and pubs attract you with delicious cocktails, imported beers, fantastic food, and world-class DJs. Not keen on dressing up for the night and want to stay in your shorts and t-shirt? No worries. Bali will have a spot where you’re welcome. Want to get dressed up in your fancy gear and step out to be seen? Then you’ll feel right at home here in Bali. The island offers a wide range of nightlife experiences for visitors of all types.

Bali hosts some of the best parties you’ll ever go to!

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